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Top 10 Irish Rock Bands Not Named U2

( From our Dublin Danny Boy, Captain Ken Aiken, originally from Ballymena N.Ireland, moored somewhere in the Caribbean aboard his 45-foot ocean-going sailboat Tintean, which is Gaelic for ” I paid that tab, I swear”.) Well here we are celebrating another St Patrick’s Day smack in the middle of Lent and a Holy Day of […]


George Harrison-Best pt 2

My second George Harrison interview that focuses on his return to performing in England for the first time in over 25 years on stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall;the support of his longtime friend,Eric Clapton;and several examples of his delightful impish sense of humor.And I chose to display this photo of George on stage at the Albert Hall with the late Gary Moore on April 6,1992 .God bless them both , together again for eternity .-Redbeard