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Journey- Frontiers 35th Anniversary- Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jon Cain 1-29

Five years after finally busting through in 1978, the band juggernaut Journey had survived  the retirement of band co-founder Gregg Rolie, which had significant implications in songwriting, singing, and band cohesion. Separately at the same time, Jonathan Cain‘s future hopes had been dashed as his band The Babys split up right on the threshold of […]


Win New YES Live Album”Topographic Drama”

As one who has actually been on stage with YES  during rehearsal, I can tell you that this live recording of 2016’s YES American tour, which featured songs from Tales from Topographic Oceans   as well as the under-rated 1980 transitional Drama,  is the most amazingly true facsimile to actually being there. Alan White‘s bass drum, […]

Journey- Infinity at 40- Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie 1-22

This is a legendary Hall of Fame band, Journey, with an All-American story of struggle,  perserverance and flat out hard work. Their breakthrough album forty years ago, Infinity,  came after three attempts failed to gain a toehold on US radio. Journey co-founders Gregg Rolie and Neal Schon, both ex-Santana members from the San Francisco Bay Area, […]


Win INXS “Kick” Expanded 30th Anniversary 3-CD/Blu-ray

In the five year interim between special anniversary editions, Rhino has significantly upgraded the INXS Kick   package with additional “B”sides, alternate mixes, promo videos, and now the 5.1 surround Atmos mix of the album by George Martin‘s capable son, Giles, at Abbey Road Studios! North American fans register below before midnight January 21 for […]

Peter Gabriel- Us 25th Anniversary- pt 1

“I’m pleased that it’s now getting better regarded with hindsight,” Peter Gabriel admits about his Autumn 1992 sixth studio album, Us . “I think it had some of my best songs on it.” No argument here: Us  subjects, like the deep funky grooves,  are all killer and no filler, from the pleading divorced parent to his regressing […]

Def Leppard- Pyromania 35th Anniversary- Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Ric Savage 1-15

Time has been very kind to Def Leppard‘s third album released thirty-five years ago, Pyromania.  And why shouldn’t it be? This sucker still ROCKS with exceedingly strong songs and then state-of-the-art production including “Rock! Rock! ‘Til You Drop”, “Photograph”,”Too Late for Love”,”Rock of Ages”,”Foolin’ “,”Comin’ Under Fire”, and “Action! Not Words“. My guests In the […]