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Rhino Returns with Start Your Ear Off Right!

Rhino thrills all vinyl collectors with the return of “Start Your (Y)Ear Off Right”, their January limited-edition vinyl reissues, most on collectible colored vinyl, and NOT available online but only at your friendly local independent record/ CD stores. Limited run of each title  means instant collector items, so before you head out to your local […]

30 Years Ago In the Studio: Pat Benatar- Crimes of Passion

The first time I interviewed Pat Benatar  for her breakthrough second album Crimes of Passion  for January 9, 1989’s episode  #29 of In the Studio, she was very wary of me and visibly uncomfortable. It didn’t take long to understand why: Rolling Stone’s Encyclopedia of Rock’n’Roll states unequivocally in its opening line, “Pat Benatar was […]


Win Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck Double Guitar Greats on DVD

In the Studio‘s Sultan of Swag has found two of the best guitar film rockumentaries, Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars  and The Jeff Beck Story: Still on the Run   at the back of his prize closet, perfect for couch camping season. Register for the drawing to win below before midnight ET January 27, one entry […]