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Aerosmith-Pump 25th Anniversary-Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, Joey

Pump by Aerosmith is a flat-out three dimensional hard rock masterpiece, with the legendary band’s deepest well of  songwriting, blistering performance chops, and the most innovative production of any hard rock album to date courtesy of the late Bruce Fairbairn. Regardless of the metric you choose to measure Pump‘s greatness, it’s blazing energy and cinematic […]

Bryan Adams-Touch the Hand- Vancouver 3-92

Bryan Adams is releasing a new album this Fall called The Tracks of My Years which is comprised of musical signposts which inspired him growing up, plus one new collaboration with his long time co-writer Jim Vallance,  “She Knows Me”. Meanwhile we thought we would backtrack with Bryan Adams and his band to rehearsal March […]

John Fogerty- Green River- rehearsal May 1997

Creedence Clearwater Revival were very busy this month 45 years ago. Their third album Green River had just been released, their first since the spectacular breakthrough of “Proud Mary”, and they were suddenly much in demand for TV appearances and concerts, including one outside Bethel NY called the Woodstock Festival. Decades later Creedence songwriter/ producer/ […]

Blind Faith- Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood

Two titans of rock’s last half century, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, join me In the Studio to explore the days surrounding  the brief  Blind Faith . Until recently the two friends chose not to talk much about the short-lived Blind Faith experience. Maybe it was the fact that the media hype of what Time […]

Boz Scaggs-High Sierra-Dallas May 1997

Let this gorgeous, soothing song by Boz Scaggs, which accurately captures the beauty, majesty, and mystery of the “High Sierra” Nevada mountains of  California, serve as both tribute to and prayer for the hundreds of firefighters who are battling record wildfires in record drought conditions all over that state, Oregon, and Washington. –Redbeard

Peter Frampton- Best of the Rest

Everybody knows that young Englishman Peter Frampton revolutionized the recording industry in early 1976 with his live double set  Frampton Comes Alive. But where did those now-iconic songs like “Show Me the Way”, “Lines on My Face”, “Baby I Love Your Way”, “All I Want to Be (Is By Your Side)”, and “Do You Feel […]