In The Studio: Medium Rare

Rare musician interviews by Redbeard not part of the weekly radio series .

Boston- Third Stage 30th Anniversary- Tom Scholz

"Third Stage" comeback album released exactly thirty years ago this week put up spectacular numbers in popularity, with three Top 20 hits on Billboard including "Cant'cha Say","We're Ready", and the #1 "Amanda", all helping to blast the album to #1 sales......
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Pat Benatar- Precious Time 35th Anniversary at #1- Pat, Neil Geraldo

" It went platinum (1,000,000 sales ) in thirteen days," Pat Benatar states matter-of-factly while she and hubby/ musical director Neil Geraldo reminisce In the Studio about the explosive third album, Precious Time, as it headed rapidly to the top-selling perch in America thirty-five years ago......
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Lynyrd Skynyrd- One More From the Road 40th Anniversary- Gary Rossington

Original bass player Leon Wilkeson, the "cat in the hat" with sunglasses, appears here in what turned out to be his last radio interview before dying in late July 2001. And the late pianist Billy Powell makes a cameo as well. In this classic rock interview, co-founding guitarist Gary Rossington is with me...
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Dave Matthews Band- Crash 20th Anniversary- Dave Matthews

After meeting and interviewing Dave Matthews during the 1996 Horde Festival tour just as their second studio album, Crash, was being released, none of the subsequent successes of the Dave Matthews Band since then has surprised me. Impressed ? Absolutely, but not surprised. Sure, the fun-loving good time swing in their first big...
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Bonnie Raitt- Luck of the Draw 25th Anniversary

Prior to release of her tenth album Nick of Time in 1989, Bonnie Raitt was a bit of a puzzle. For two decades she had been a critic’s darling, starting with her 1971 debut (four stars), Give It Up in 1972 (four and a half stars), 1973’s Takin’ My Time, and Streetlights the...
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