Check Into “Hotel California” 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

“You can check out, But you can never leave…” So sang Don Henley and the Eagles on the title song to Hotel California   forty years ago ( okay, it was actually forty-one, but don’t bug Mr. Henley ). That lyric line crossed my mind this morning when opening the New York Times  online when a strategically placed ad for the new 40th anniversary edition appeared just under the iconic paper’s masthead.  Since the career-encompassing box set concept was inaugurated in 1987 with Eric Clapton‘s Crossroads , an increasing number of  complete single albums have received the full boat treatment, but none have been more worthy or more anticipated than Hotel California. North American residents should sign the Hotel… registry below for the drawing to win the two disc version featuring the complete remastered original masterpiece plus a second disc of rare Eagles live from 1976. Check out time is midnight ET December 17, from Rhino.- Redbeard 

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