Win Pete Townshend’s Face the Face on CD/DVD

pete-townshend-7501cc0e-7a5d-40e3-95bb-c0f44f970283In over four decades of interviewing the biggest rock stars on the planet, I have found many of them most revealing and charming at the time when they were slightly unsure as to their artistic footing, and that is precisely the time captured in this previously unreleased Pete Townshend Face the Face CD/DVD combo, performed at Cannes France for broadcast on German television in 1986,  and featuring Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on guitar. North American residents should register below before midnight October 9 to win it from Eagle Rock Entertainment. –Redbeard

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Face the Face DVD/CD Price: $14.78 - $14.79
Empty Glass Price: $8.34 - $7.49
Truancy: The Very Best Of Pete Townshend Price: $5.41 - $4.47
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