Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham”Never Going Back Again” Dallas 1992


With Fleetwood Mac making headlines readying a  tour with singer/ songwriter/ keyboardist Christine McVie back, we thought it appropriate to spotlight this ultra-rare performance here In the Studio from the Rumours  songbook.

When the reclusive Lindsey Buckingham surprised us with a visit to my Dallas/Ft.Worth radio show in 1992, it was understood that the conversation was in support of his third solo album , Out of the Cradle . But when Buckingham offered up this live performance of his composition “Never Going Back Again” , made famous on the Rumours Fleetwood Mac album 15 years earlier , it signaled that his reticence to discuss those emotionally-charged years had lifted, at least enough to grant the interview found elsewhere in our Classic Rock Interview archive. But true to form, Lindsey made me wait almost another 15 years for that opportunity . –Redbeard