Billy Idol-Rebel Yell 30th Anniversary

 There was no indication from his days fronting English punk band Generation X that Billy Idol( christened William Broad ) would be the most successful, if not possibly the only, original London punk rocker to cross over to mainstream multimillion-selling sales. As Billy shares his unique story, you will hear him reveal details behind his cover of  Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Mony Mony”; the club hit “Dancing With Myself”; the true life inspiration for “White Wedding“; “Rebel Yell“; the huge mainstream hit “Eyes Without a Face”; “Flesh for Fantasy“; and the 1986 Stax cover “To Be a Lover”.

Guitarist Steve Stevens ( l ) with Billy Idol

Billy joins me In the Studio on the thirtieth anniversary of Rebel Yell to invoke the eleventh commandment: thou shalt have no Idols before Billy! –Redbeard