Black Crowes-Southern Harmony & Musical Companion-20th anniversary

When Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson visited me In The Studio the first week of May 1992, it was our second time to talk about the Atlanta-based band he fronted with his guitar-playing younger brother, Rich. The first meeting was midway through the year-long ascent to Top 5  sales by the Black Crowes’ debut, Shake Your Moneymaker ,  and in the 18 month interim the intrepid group had played a 350-show marathon in support of that impressive initial effort, leaving the elder Robinson’s witty neo-hippy observations now seasoned with a worldliness that certainly belied his tender twenty-five years at the time . The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion‘s songs ” Sting Me”,”Remedy”,”Thorn in My Pride”,”Sometimes Salvation”,”Hotel Illness”, and “My Morning Song” were all recorded in Los Angeles against the backdrop of the first trial of  several white L.A. police officers accused of beating African American motorist Rodney King. When the all-white jury acquitted the white policemen, the visiting Black Crowes got a front row seat to the violent rioting and the bitter taste of what it means to become a target simply for the color of your skin. –Redbeard