Get Up with Bryan Adams!

Bryan Adams was so happy to rekindle his famous songwriting partnership with Jim Vallance that he needed ELO mastermind Jeff Lynne to collaborate on Bryan’s strongest new songs in years. Bryan Adams returns In the Studio exhorting us all to Get Up, featuring several Adams originals that are as good as anything the international star has written and sung over his stellar thirty-five year career. We cover a lot of topic territory in this conversation including the Jeff Lynne Effect; channeling Freddy Mercury; the “throw out the incumbents” trend extending into the music business; and how his photography has evolved from hobby to humanitarianism. 

And along with the warm close-mic’ed Jeff Lynne production on Bryan’s catchy “That’s Rock and Roll”,”We Did It All”,”Go Down Rockin’ “, the celebratory story song “Brand New Day“, the Beatlesque “Don’t Even Try“, and the melancholy “Yesterday is Just a Dream“, Bryan Adams is startled to find his breakthrough album You Want It, You Got It ‘s anniversary coming up this Summer. So we ask him to point out his favorites still from that second effort which clearly pointed to greatness thirty-five years ago. –Redbeard