Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young-Deja Vu

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were a band that released one studio album & a single multi-disc tour album ( subsequently  titled 4 Way Street) from Summer 1969 until Neil Young recorded his brilliant solo album After the Goldrush a year later. By then David Crosb, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, & Young went their separate ways. What’s ironic is that  CSN & Y had a major hand in shaping the  awareness, mores, politics, & music of a generation, comparable to that of The Beatles but with a fraction of the material or time together. Rock fans would spend the next 20 years trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. We should have known better.


After all, the first time most of us saw Stills & Young in Buffalo Springfield  on the Ed Sullivan tv show with Stephen front & center singing “For What It’s Worth”  surrounded by the other band members, there was this dark-haired guitarist dressed in a gray Confederate officer’s Civil War uniform standing on a riser behind & to one side of the others, totally separate. Young was eager to start a solo career, so it was no surprise a song like “The Loner” appeared on his first effort. Years later Young explained to me that his recording philosophy was ” taking a snapshot rather than painting a picture”, & that approach would clash with that of the trio throughout their long off- &- on relationship. But four decades later they have at least one masterpiece, Deja Vu , for which to be very proud, ranked by Rolling Stone magazine at #147 on their “Top 500 Albums of All Time” list. –Redbeard