Deep Purple-Machine Head with Ian Gillan, Roger Glover

I am not a relativist. I don’t think that a particular musician’s or band’s merit to qualify for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should in any way be compared to others already inducted. To denigrate a previous inductee relative to another performer yet to be voted in, in order to make the latter’s case, is not only shaky logic but is both unflattering and unfair to both.

That being said, I must confess that the list of bands waiting to be seated in the Rock Hall ( e.g. Deep Purple, YES, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, AC/DC, The Cars) has become much more interesting lately than the list of annual inductees. Such is the case for Deep Purple, whose lead singer Ian Gillan and bass player Roger Glover join me In The Studio for their iconic hard rock masterpiece Machine Head. Writing on, Ed Rivadavia  correctly points out that “ Led Zeppelin IV , Black Sabbath Paranoid , and Machine Head by Deep Purple are the Holy Trinity of British hard rock …”. Simply put, hard rock and heavy metal would not exist  without them, including “Smoke on the Water ,”Highway Star, ” Space Truckin’ “, and “Lazy “ ( don’t take my word for it, ask  inductees such as Slash of Guns’n’Roses ).  Yet only two of those three seminal bands are actually in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and now with the death of Deep Purple organ player Jon Lord, that sin of omission takes on real urgency. – Redbeard