Doors 45th Anniversary with Ray Manzarek

The top 10 list of  rock game-changing debut albums is short but breathtaking. Among them : Are You Experienced? , Led Zeppelin 1 , Music from Big Pink , Ramones , Please Please Me , Never Mind the Bollocks . But ever since John Densmore‘s opening snare drum shot through the ether to my little transistor radio tuned to some distant big city Top 40 station, The Doors‘ January 1967 debut took up permanent residence in any such aggregate collection purporting to have transfigured rock’n’roll . Guitarist Robbie Krieger , keyboard/bass pedal player Ray Manzarek , and vocally gifted wildchild Jim Morrison did more to influence the next 45 years of popular music with less ( six studio albums in five years) than just about any band in rock history . With the passing of Ray Manzarek earlier this year at age 74, this is   the final time In The Studio for this  classic rock interview. Essential stuff .-Redbeard