Elton John and Bernie Taupin Tribute to Princess Diana “Candle in the Wind ’97”

As a Texas-based enterprise, my focus these last days has been dominated by the natural disaster of biblical proportions unfolding throughout a huge portion of Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. Suddenly today I realized that the epic floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey also were threatening to drown out the memory of another tragedy twenty years ago involving a single soul, but one who inspired millions worldwide. 

Simultaneously I now realize that the time and and opportunity to look back at past lives and events, as we do here at In the Studio, is in some ways a luxury which we cannot always afford at any given moment in time. Yet as we all should know by now, ignoring the lessons of the past dooms us to repeat the costliest mistakes measured in human lives and suffering. Here then is Elton John lyricist Bernie Taupin with the extraordinary back story of “Candle in the Wind ’97“, the musical tribute to Princess Diana which Bernie re-wrote and which Elton John sang for her “Funeral for a Friend” while over 2.5 billion watched live on television twenty years  ago. –Redbeard