Emerson, Lake, & Palmer- Anthology pt 2- Greg Lake, Carl Palmer

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer‘s third studio album, and fourth overall in barely two years,  was entitled Trilogy coming in Spring 1972, a high watermark peak for Progressive Rock’s quality as well as massive popularity ( see sidebar link below ). “Lucky Man” from their debut may have remained their most famous song, and their fourth album Brain Salad Surgery may have been their best seller, but Trilogy has remained a favorite over these many changes in rock music as the place where Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer‘s ambitions to expand the palette of rock music were perfectly balanced by terrific songwriting and production on “The Endless Enigma“, “From the Beginning“, and the title song opus.

Greg Lake and Carl Palmer continue this in-depth conversation with some hilarious stories, including how Keith Emerson accidentally invented the mosh pit! Part two of three. – Redbeard