Kansas-Leftoverture- Phil Ehart, Richard Williams, Kerry Livgren

By 1976, it was go big or go home for this intrepid six-man band from Topeka Kansas. Their first three albums had shown significant growth in all areas of songwriting, musicianship, and production, but as you will hear from ex-guitarist/keyboardist/main songwriter Kerry Livgren, guitarist Richard Williams, original singer/keyboardist Steve Walsh, ex-violinist/singer Robbie Steinhardt,  and drummer Phil Ehart, they fully realized that if the fourth Kansas album Leftoverture   did not spawn a hit and sell significant quantities, the party would be over. And the “party” had run up a tab of over $175,000 in debt. Because of the hit “Carry On Wayward Son” ( submitted by the prolific Livgren even as the band was packing up to leave the studio ) and radio hits “Miracles Out of Nowhere”,”The Wall”,Cheyenne Anthem“, and “What’s On My Mind “, Leftoverture   gave Kansas rock statehood to the tune of over four million sold. –Redbeard