KISS-Best Of-Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons


There was a flurry of developments in the now forty year saga of KISS, and regardless of whether you think the frottage foursome are rock gods or demons doesn’t change the fact that a complete catalog reissue series on vinyl is underway; a forty song double CD Best Of KISS  commemorated the band’s fortieth anniversary; their painted puckers took on a Summer victory lap around North America in 2014; and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame formally inducted KISS, appropriately in their New York City hometown.

Unfortunately KISS is not the first Hall of Fame inductee to weather controversy regarding personnel changes over a four decade career. Personally, I think it’s naive at best, disingenuous at  worst, to try to hold a rock band to a higher standard than ” ’til death do us part”, but I guess that’s just me. KISS co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were  very thoughtful, frank, and up front In the Studio as they prepared to be honored. – Redbeard


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