The Police- Synchronicity-Sting, Stewart Copeland

On their first U.S.tour in early 1979, the three members of The Police arrived for their first interview at my Memphis ROCK 103 radio studio in a station wagon. Barely 15 months later they returned to take me to lunch, except this time they were in a limousine! It seems that stardom had occurred in the UK after the release of their second album Regatta de Blanc , but mainstream popularity in the U.S. still eluded the Police. During the interview, thinking aloud, main songwriter Sting remarked, ” I wonder what it would take to write a hit song in America. The idea appeals to me.” So when the third Police album, Zenyatta Mondatta   appeared a few months later in October 1980 containing the hits “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”, “When the World Is Running Down” , & “De Do Do Do”, I had to smile & admit to myself that Sting certainly did figure that out!

You could debate whether the first four Police albums warranted booking them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but this fact is certain: Synchronicity  was so massively appealing that millions purchased it as well as the preceding four Police albums in numbers great enough to place all five on the 1983 sales chart simultaneously at year’s end! Formed in 1977 London at the height of the punk rock scene, the reggae influences so prominent on the first four albums by The Police had been assimilated by the time of Synchronicity’s June 1983 release, so The Police were not handcuffed by the musical conventions of either punk or reggae on mega-hits “Every Breath You Take”,”King of Pain”,”Wrapped Around Your Finger”, and the title song. Police commissioner Stewart Copeland and chief of Police Sting join me In the Studio  for the blockbuster Synchronicity.  And be sure to click here for a very rare live acoustic solo performance by Sting of “Message in a Bottle” . – Redbeardthe_police_live_2