Steve Miller-Book of Dreams 40th Anniversary

“We just performed at the Indy 500,” says a pumped up Steve Miller, “including a lap around the track in a two-seater race car!” So continues the unending epilogue to the long career of “Maurice”, the Space Cowboy, who authored two of his biggest albums, Fly Like an Eagle and Book of Dreams, as bookends in one prolific period in the mid-1970s. Steve’s “Book” review here In the Studio includes details on making “Jet Airliner“, the melancholy “Winter Time“, the infectious “Swingtown“, the playful “Jungle Love“, and two under-appreciated sleepers, the burning “Sacrifice” featuring guitarist Les Dudek, and the joy of “My Own Space“.

“Looking forward to playing shows and jamming with Peter Frampton. I’m feeling great, the band is too, and we’ll do about sixty-five concerts/ cities this year.”

As you will hear in my interview here, Steve Miller is an active, engaged citizen in any community in which he lives. “I have moved to New York City and started a new ‘chapter’. I’m now on the board of directors of Jazz at Lincoln Center, working on a Blues Pedagogy for their twelve music education programs. Also I’m on the board of the Welcoming Committee of the musical instrument department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, working there on exhibits and concerts for the Museum.”

Activism has been a hallmark of Steve Miller’s life from his time living in Seattle, Sun Valley, and now New York City. “My main areas of concern these days are music education, Meals on Wheels, and animal shelters. It’s wonderfully creative here, very inspirational, and a nice way to start the last ‘chapters’. ” – Redbeard