YES- Fragile- Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman

I’m not sure why the memory of walking home in the snow from the record store the last week of 1971  with the new YES album Fragile under my arm has remained so vivid. Maybe it is that, at age 18 , I had just gotten my first apartment; or the fact that  a few months earlier I had landed my first radio job; or maybe it was the simple fact of the beginning of a new year, my first as an emancipated adult. Only four months earlier I had discovered The YES Album and  mistakenly assumed that it was the band’s first, but I had been extremely impressed with the sheer musicality and proficiency demonstrated by these unheralded Londoners. For their follow up, YES had chosen to augment their line up of Jon Anderson on vocals, the late Chris Squire bass/harmony vocals, Steve Howe guitar/harmony vocals, and the incomparable Bill Bruford on drums with ex-Strawbs electronic keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman for such rock classics as “Roundabout”,”Long Distance Runaround”,”Heart of the Sunrise”, and “South Side of the Sky”. Both Anderson and Wakeman join us In The Studio for  this durable progressive rock classic that has proven over the decades to be anything but fragile! – Redbeard



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