Badfinger- Straight Up: Best Of

Next to the Beatles, which band was the biggest seller on Apple Records? It was Badfinger, the same British quartet which backed George Harrison during the Concert for Bangla Desh multi-disc album and movie. If the Big Star story earned cult fans and now a documentary film, then the saga of Badfinger surely warrants a full blown mini-series. Maybe the appearance of Badfinger’s 1972 hit “Baby Blue“(from the brilliant Straight Up album) in the finale of the hit cable series Breaking Bad  generated enough buzz to get their tragic story into development. Certainly every element necessary is there in spades: working-class struggle; anointing by rock royalty the Beatles; hit songs “Come and Get It”, “No Matter What”,” Day After Day”,”Just a Chance”; intrigue, big money, bigger crooks, pathos, and heartbreaking tragic deaths. Brilliant songwriter Pete Ham‘s birthday would be Wednesday 4-27. The last man standing, Badfinger guitarist/singer/songwriter Joey Molland, and Badfinger drummer the late Mike Gibbins , tell the dashed dreams of the ill-fated quartet in this classic rock interview. – Redbeard

(left rear- Joey Molland; left front-Mike Gibbins; right rear-Pete Ham; right front-Tom Evans )