Little Feat- Rad Gumbo box-pt 2- Bill Payne, Paul Barrere

In heading up their best-selling studio album Time Loves a Hero in 1977, Little Feat‘s Bill Payne and Paul Barrere saved their beloved band from total dysfunction but effectively edged out band founder Lowell George, in spite of being the most played Little Feat studio album on American radio. Songs in this part two conclusion celebrating the 13-CD box set Rad Gumbo include “Hi Roller” , “Rocket in My Pocket”, and “Time Loves a Hero“; the first post-Lowell album title song “Down on the Farm”; plus the 1988 comeback Let It Roll with “Hate to Lose Your Lovin'” & the  flat out title song; “Texas Twister” & “Shake Me Up” , all hosted by Payne and Barrere. – Redbeard

L-R the late drummer Richie Hayward,the late Lowell George, Bill Payne, Kenny Gradney, Paul Barrerre, Sam Clayton )




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