Jackson Browne- The Pretender 40th Anniversary

Beginning with his 1972 debut, Jackson Browne won praise as a superb song craftsman and a meticulous record maker, placing no less than three of his earliest studio albums onto Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 500 Albums of All Time list. The critical rave reviews for Browne’s fourth effort, 1976’s The Pretender, were still coming in for the acclaimed Southern California singer/ songwriter when Jackson found himself to be a new first-time dad, a suddenly single parent, and a widower from the suicide of his wife.

Part one with Jackson Browne features highlights“Doctor My Eyes”,”Jamaica Say You Will”, and “Rock Me on the Water” from his 1972 debut; Late for the Sky‘s title song as well as “Fountain of Sorrow” from 1974; his commercial breakthrough first million-seller The Pretender in 1976; and a 2010 live acoustic version of his mega-hit “Running on Empty”.-  Redbeard