Lindsey Buckingham- Best pt 1

This first of our two-part In the Studio rare in-depth conversation with the very private Lindsey Buckingham begins with his growing up in a very competitive Northern Californai family of over-achievers ( his older brother was on the US Olympic swim team ); developing his musical chops with his high school transfer classmate Stephanie Nicks; moving to Los Angeles for their first shot at recording the tasty but ill-fated Buckingham Nicks  album in1973; and after being unceremoniously dropped from their record label, the star-crossed opportunity which miraculously appeared with a veteran British band recently located to LA, Fleetwood Mac. Part one of two includes “Don’t Let Me Down Again” and the original Buckingham-Nicks version of “Crystal”; five Fleetwood Mac songs featuring Lindsey Buckingham’s singing, guitar,and songwriting; and the solo song “Show You How” from his 2006 Under the Skin. –Redbeard