30 Years Ago In the Studio: Lynyrd Skynyrd-Second Helping

Sure, the Lynyrd Skynyrd legend inevitably circles back to their first album Pronounced   and the epic “Free Bird”, but don’t let revisionist history fool you: this April 1974 follow-up, Second Helping,  is the incredibly strong album which busted them wide open, & not just because of the rebel singalong “Sweet Home Alabama”. Just look at this tune stack: “Don’t Ask Me No Questions”,”Workin’ for MCA”,”The Needle and the Spoon”, their definitive version of the late J.J.Cale‘s “Call Me the Breeze”, and two songs unlike anything on the first Lynyrd Skynyrd album, “The Ballad of Curtis Loew” and the achingly bluesy “I Need You”. Original guitarists Gary Rossington and Ed King join me In the Studio with excerpts from bass player Leon Wilkeson‘s final national radio interview for a Second Helping of Southern Rock. –Redbeard