Moody Blues-Long Distance Voyager 35th Anniversary-Justin Hayward,John Lodge

Demonstrating incredible “legs” into their third decade, we take the long distance trip back through time for the Moody Blues with the tasty Justin Hayward/ John Lodge album Blue Jays, a post- #1  Seventh Sojourn album side project ; Justin Hayward’s sublime “Forever Autumn” from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds in 1978; the Octave album that year  which was the last straw for original keyboard player Mike Pinder; the strong #1 selling comeback in 1981, Long Distance Voyager ; the Top 10 The Other Side of Life in 1986, also marking a thirtieth anniversary; Sur La Mer from 1988. John Lodge and Justin Hayward join me In the Studio for the complete story. –Redbeard