Sammy Hagar- Red: The Best- Round One

Big week for Sammy Hagar: he was the guest vocal coach on NBC’s The Voice while he blows out another candle on his birthday cake Thursday (13th ). For over four decades, Sammy Hagar has answered the bell and come out swinging: from co-writing and belting out the songs on that first classic Montrose album in 1973, to a decade of undercard matches night after night as a solo bandleader. Finally breaking through to an arena headliner in the mid-Eighties, Hagar got the love/hate job of fronting one of America’s biggest bands then, Van Halen. After a decade of that soap opera, he resumed his solo career without missing a beat, ending up at the top of the New York Times best-seller booklist with his unvarnished autobiography. Here is round one of Sam the Man’s story as told by the “Red Rocker” himself In the Studio.- Redbeard




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