Aerosmith- Pump 30th Anniversary- Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton- 8-19

The second jewel in Aerosmith‘s comeback triple crown, Pump  thirty years ago somehow managed to equal or better on the Eighties’ hard rock masterpiece two years earlier, Permanent Vacation. The band’s all here for the stories behind a near-perfect album containing “Young Lust”,”F.I.N.E.”, the playful and outrageously true “Love in an Elevator“, the rehab rocker “Monkey on My Back“, the huge hits “What It Takes” and the double topical spousal abuse/ handgun warning “Janie’s Got a Gun“, and three delightful overlooked gems “The Other Side”,”My Girl”, and “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even“. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Co. pump up the volume the week of August 19. –Redbeard