Phil Collins- Hello I Must Be Going 35th Anniversary

By Fall 1982, anyone who had underestimated child-actor-turned-rock-drummer Phil Collins should have wised up when his second solo album Hello I Must Be Going   was released then. After all, no one saw him coming when essentially he saved progressive rockers Genesis by hopping down off the drum riser six years earlier to fill the lead singer slot originally occupied by the seemingly irreplaceable Peter Gabriel. Then Collins wrote and sang Genesis’ biggest hit to date, “Misunderstanding“. 

Phil’s first solo album, Face Value  , was quietly released in 1981 to little fanfare, but it contained one of the Eighties’ iconic songs,”In the Air Tonight”. Phil Collins wasted no time proving that he was just getting warmed up on Hello…Going with another Top 10 hit “I Don’t Care Anymore“, the Motown Supremes cover “You Can’t Hurry Love”, and the catchy “Like China“, which he will feature on the 35th anniversary here the week of December 18. –Redbeard