Eagles Over the Top for LA Forum Reopening – Literally


According to the Los Angeles Times, the Eagles are taking up residency for six   shows   for the reopening of the LA Forum after major renovations. After decades of hosting the biggest performers in music & sports, the “Fabulous Forum” started showing its age and was eclipsed by the Staples Center. But the company that owns Madison Square Garden in New York City, a company which knows a thing or two about seizing legacy rather than squandering it, bought the LA Forum and sank big bucks ($100 mil ) into refurbishing her. Check out the roof. It is vinyl, 407 feet across, covers almost six acres, and actually spins at 17 miles per hour! For those audiophiles keeping score at home, that amounts to 70 rpm.


“We figured it was time for another concept album. Not a ‘cowboy’ concept album,” Glenn Frey tells me in this classic rock interview about the December 1976 Eagles masterpiece Hotel California, ranked #37 on Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 500 All Time list. Frey was alluding to the fact that the Eagles had released the brilliant but criminally under-rated Desperado 1973 concept album after their 1972 debut had spawned three Top 20 hits, and  seemingly everybody but the band were unprepared for Desperado‘s epic musical Western. By the time 1976 was almost over, a similar set of expectations would greet any new creation by the Eagles, only even more so : their 1975 One of These Nights album produced three Top 10 hits this time, was a #1-seller, & got the Grammy nod. So any album follow-up would be measured against those apparently impossible- to- eclipse standards. Frey,  co-writer/singer/drummer Don Henley, and newly-hired guitar star Joe Walsh check us into the 16 millionseller Hotel California . – Redbeard