John Lennon (10-9-40 to 12-8-80) Remembered by Paul McCartney

( John Lennon with his first-born, Julian )

Like deeply committed social reformers Mahatma Gandhi and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King jr., dedicated to peaceful change, John Lennon too was assassinated. I am reminded of a wall poster in the very early 1970s which chillingly showed the barrel of a gun pointed right between the viewer’s eyes from a distance of about one inch. Underneath it stated simply, ” Just because you have silenced a person does not mean you have converted him.”  Somehow I surmise that Lennon would have been first in line to buy the book  I Am Malala Do not be misled. The forces of evil manifested in violence, intolerance, fear, power, and greed killed John Lennon thirty-six years ago. Mark Chapman was simply the unwitting trigger man. But like Gandhi, Dr. King, John & Bobby Kennedy, Anwar Sadat in the Mid East, Benigno Aquino in the Philippines, and now assassination survivor and Nobel winner Malala, Lennon was unbowed to his worldly end in the belief that “all you need is love”.

I asked boyhood friend Paul McCartney to remember John Lennon for us on this notorious day. –Redbeard