Pink Floyd-The Wall pt1-Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason

“Time has a way of making you behave !”, David Gilmour reminds me when recounting performing as a guest with Roger Waters in 2011 at London’s O2 Arena, but it could just as easily have been said by the surviving Pink Floyd alumni Nick Mason or Roger Waters, all of whom rejoin me for the first of our two-part peek behind The Wall . For instance, Roger Waters admitted to me that in 1980 Pink Floyd had been guaranteed one million dollars per night to perform The Wall on a stadium tour. “And I refused to do it outdoors,” Waters tells me in this classic rock interview. “But how can you do a show that’s about the alienation you feel about doing stadium shows, in a stadium?”

Apparently Waters  reconciled that personal dilemma, as evidenced by his recent multi-year globetrotting tour performing The Wall, the fourth-highest selling in the world as well as a shining critical success. And Waters is already preparing his Us and Them tour for 2017. This is part one.- Redbeard



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