Boz Scaggs- Silk Degrees 40th Anniversary

More accurately this Boz Scaggs interview falls under "Ultra Rare", as the Dallas Texas native, long residing in the San Francisco Bay area, has led one of the more private lives in contemporary music. Part one  details his journey out of Texas…

Omar & the Howlers-Border Girl-June 6 1987 Dallas

Don't let that gruff voice fool you. Kent "Omar" Dykes is a big bear of a McComb Mississippi man via Austin Texas, but he is a sweet man with a big Southern grin. This performance at Dallas' Redux club in June 1987 was to celebrate his first…

Steve Miller- Early Best + Bingo!

I had said in the liner notes where I was talking about one of the songs and I just said ,' it reminds me of ya know Brave New World and Sailor when I was working on my guitar parts '. And what I did then and what I did on this record. So, it is similar, I think and it’s been a very fun project to get excited about playing lead guitar on a record...(To read the entire 1-hour interview,click the link below)