RIP Clarence Clemons

After seeing Clarence Clemons play in concert with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band , I know of at least one person , Ft.Worth’s Johnny Reno , who went out the following day and bought a saxophone , singularly inspired by the joy and the power with which Clemons played the instrument .

Clarence’s keen sense of role-playing was returned in kind by Springsteen’s loyalty over a 40-year run . Let’s face it : NO one ever played Tonto to Bruce’s Lone Ranger , pulling guard to Springsteen’s quarterback , other than Clemons . Maybe there is too much focus these days , in our American Idol/LeBron James pop culture , on being The Guy , and too little appreciation for being the Other Guy that The Guy depends on . In any case , while Clarence Clemons is not the first person in the E Street Band to pass away (organist Danny Federici died in 2008), I certainly believe that Clarence is truly irreplaceable . May God be merciful on his eternal soul and grant him peace .- Redbeard