“The Place Mats?”

“No, The Replacements!” Ten years after Johnny Rotten bleated out “No future…” with the Sex Pistols, Minneapolis post-punk outfit The Replacements made rock lore, lodging a protest with their record label at the time by hurling their master tapes into the Mississippi River. Point made, and no doubt an A+ for attitude, but even grading on a rock curve, The Replacements flunked Future Catalog Sales 101. A year later they found themselves back in the studio recording (need I mention, on a different label), but old ways die hard, and The Replacements kidnapped their original version of what would later be released as Don’t Tell a Soul . At least this time Paul Westerberg didn’t store these tapes in Davy Jones’ locker. Though their best seller, The ‘Mats want you to hear their version finally as Don’t Tell a Soul Redux , one of four CDs and a vinyl LP full of rare or unreleased tracks, plus a 1989 live show, in the new box Dead Man’s Pop . North American residents register below before midnight ET October 20 for the drawing from Rhino, and once is all it takes for the drawing. –Redbeard

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