Since we chose to play Bryan Adams‘ second album, You Want It, You Got It   at ROCK 103 in Memphis in 1981 containing the impressive “Lonely Nights”,”Tonight”, and “Fits Ya Good“; and got the opportunity to spend a memorable weekend together, I may have been the least surprised person outside of Bryan’s Vancouver base when his next one, Cuts Like a Knife , arrived in January 1983 with even more instantly identifiable hits.

Cuts Like a Knife  contained “This Time”, “Take Me Back”,”I’m Ready”, the under-appreciated album track “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” which sounds like it belongs on Reckless; the title song “Cuts Like a Knife”, and his first Top Ten hit,“Straight From the Heart” which he wrote at the ripe old age of eighteen. Bryan Adams has been an international star for a full thirty-five years now, long enough that you may have forgotten his scrappy rise to the top from obscurity. Bryan tells us about knocking on doors at sixteen and never taking “no” for an answer.- Redbeard 

Backstage in Dallas-Ft. Worth with Bryan Adams and Sirius XM’s Kurt Gilchrist