In this classic rock interview with Doors co-founder/ keyboardist Ray Manzarek, we find that the dream of the 1967 Summer of Love, embodied by The Doors’ “Light My Fire“, had by 1971 run headlong into the reality of Richard Nixon’s America. Lead singer Jim Morrison had been arrested and eventually charged with lewdness at a Miami concert; the band had been black-listed by the notoriety and pending trial; and the band’s long-term producer had walked out on their recording session. Amidst these obstacles, The Doors made L.A.Woman including “Love Her Madly”,”The WASP (Texas Radio & the Big Beat)”,”Riders on the Storm”, and the ultimate freeway song “L.A. Woman“, resulting in one of the timeless recordings from any American band. And now Ray Manzarek, too, belongs to the ages, passing away from cancer in May 2013. – Redbeard