Led Zeppelin- Presence- Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, the mastermind Presence behind the Led Zeppelin legacy, returned In the Studio. By the time that the lengthy sold-out tour to support the preceding iconic double album, Physical Graffiti,  wound up in 1975, the Led Zeppelin juggernaut had soared to heights previously unknown and had entered, figuratively speaking, the jet stream of the entertainment world. From that altitude the view is breathtaking, but the extremes of speed, temperature, and lack of oxygen make it impossible to survive without aid and the right protection. Just one misstep and the unforgiving immutable laws of Nature kick in, regardless of where your record is on the sales chart or how many concert tickets you have sold.

Thus began a five year period when a series of tragedies befell Led Zeppelin, even while guitarist/composer/ producer Jimmy Page, singer/ lyricist Robert Plant, bass/keyboard/composer John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham continued to record timeless hard rock such as “Achilles’ Last Stand”,”Nobody’s Fault but Mine”, and “For Your Life” from Presence  which amaze even now almost half a century later. Jimmy Page blesses us with his Presence  and joins me here In the Studio  for this classic rock interview. –Redbeard LED-JIMMY-PAGE-720x405-458901406