It is safe to say that when Ozzy Osbourne‘s first post-Black Sabbath album Blizzard of Ozz  came out in the US in March 1981, it was fairly common then for UK releases to come out a couple of weeks prior to their North American retail appearance. But not over six months later, as was the case here. Hard to believe now with Osbourne’s subsequent popularity and fame, but truth be told, Ozzy was perceived as damaged goods by practically every American record company. When finally somebody took a shot and released Blizzard…, it was fully embraced by American rock radio this time, unlike the whole of his time fronting the highly influential but blacklisted Sabbath.

But as you will hear Ozzy tell, it is a miracle he lived to see that day when the radio and every major US sporting event would blare “Crazy Train”,”Mr Crowley”, and “I Don’t Know“. You can be in the know on fact vs fiction on many urban myths as Ozzy Osbourne guests In the Studio. –Redbeard