Doobie Brothers- Minute by Minute 45th Anniversary- Pat Simmons, Michael McDonald 11-27

The backstory on the Doobie Brothers’ biggest album, December 1978’s Minute by Minute, is quite dramatic and still relatively unknown. To set the record straight, we welcomed Doobies co-founding guitarist/singer/songwriter Pat Simmons and brother-for-life Michael McDonald to share it along with co-founder Tom Johnston and drummer John Hartman here In the Studio on its forty-fifth anniversary.

As 1978 came to a close with their main songman and voice sidelined by illness and their record label losing faith in the band’s bankability, the Doobie Brothers nevertheless released the Grammy-winning “What a Fool Believes”,”Open Your Eyes”,”Dependin’ on You”,”Here to Love You”, and the Top Ten “Minute by Minute”, all the while eventually winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Pat Simmons and Michael McDonald join me on the forty-fifth anniversary of the #1-seller Minute by Minute next week of 11/27. –Redbeard