Eagles- Hotel California 45th- Joe Walsh, Don Henley, the late Glenn Frey 12-6

We all know the perilous times we’re all in forty-five years after the Eagles revealed the location, not on any map or travel brochure, of the Hotel California  . It featured absolutely the best music: “New Kid in Town”,”Life in the Fast Lane”, the achingly honest loving and losing “Wasted Time”, the searing “Victim of Love”, the epic “The Last Resort”, and Don Felder’s “electric flamenco reggae”, as Glenn Frey called it, on “Hotel California”. Don Henley takes your reservation, Joe Walsh shows you to your room, and Eagles co-founder the late Glenn Frey is the night clerk on duty for the Eagles’ Hotel California  forty-fifth anniversary here In the Studio the week of December 6. –Redbeard