Grateful Dead- In the Dark 35th anniversary 7-4

“Wave that flag,

Wave it red, white, and blue…“- Jerry Garcia,”US Blues” (1974)

Almost fifty years ago when Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead released that song, it seemed almost subversive, but now it seems so natural, so right, that we feature the most American of bands and their most successful album, In the Dark , the Fourth of July week on its thirty-fifth anniversary. Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh convened In the Studio for a very rare classic rock interview to discuss a lengthy period of Grateful Dead history which included the historic sessions which yielded “Touch of Grey”,”Hell in a Bucket”,”West L.A. Fadeaway”,”Throwing Stones”, and the hymn “Black Muddy River”. Don’t miss this special historic edition the week of July 4th. “Wave that flag red, white, and blue..”.- Redbeard