Jethro Tull- Stand Up 55th Anniversary- Ian Anderson 7-15

Between their 1968 debut, This Was , and the much more successful Stand Up in July the following year, original Jethro Tull blues guitarist Mick Abrahams abdicated any role to singer/flautist Ian Anderson. “We were billed originally, around Blackpool and later London, as a blues band,” Anderson told me, “except we were a terrible blues band. I certainly couldn’t sing it.” Never mind. Anderson would guide the unique sound and image of Jethro Tull with a firm grip and Rock of Gibraltar-like consistency ever since Stand Up, a role he relished and never relinquished for over fifty years.

Ian Anderson may indeed stand up a bit more slowly than he once did in 1969, but his memories of those formative days are keen and his wit sharp on the double-nickel anniversary of Jethro Tull’s Stand Up the week of Monday July 15. -Redbeard