Rolling Stones- Beggars Banquet @55- Bill Wyman 12-5

In addition to watching the new Nick Broomfield rock doc The Stones and Brian Jones, don’t miss my Beggars Banquet fifty-fifth anniversary here In the Studio with the musicians who were actually there, Rolling Stones original bass player Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger.

Beggars Banquet was the last to have Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones included and the first great Stones album, plotting the unparalleled course forward for the Mick Jagger- Keith Richards songwriting team for the next half century. With songs “Street Fighting Man”,”Stray Cat Blues”, and the diabolical “Sympathy for the Devil”, my ultra-rare classic rock interviews with original Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman, Mick, and Keith as guests set the table for a Beggars Banquet fifty-fifth anniversary the week of December 5. -Redbeard