The album cover wasn’t red, it was crimson. And it wasn’t just a guitar which bandleader Tom Petty was holding in that cover shot, it was a gorgeous sunburst Rickenbacker, made legendary in rock’n’roll on seminal Beatles and Byrds songs by George Harrison and Roger McGuinn. And it wasn’t just Petty and the Heartbreakers’ third album: Damn the Torpedoes   was the breakthrough effort, a new star in the rock heavens.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Damn the Torpedoes , one of the most important rock albums of the Seventies, archival interviews here In the Studio with the late Tom Petty will tell the complete eyebrow-raising back story on how close Damn the Torpedoes  came to being entangled forever in a legal black hole of threats, deception, and greed. Don’t miss this the week of October 28. –Redbeard