In The Studio Archives: Live


Enjoy these ultra-rare exclusive live performances from Redbeard’s Dallas/Ft.Worth and Memphis afternoon radio shows between 1978-1998 ; live In The Studio performances from 1988-present ; and actual concert broadcasts produced by Redbeard .

Chris Whitley-“Living With the Law”- Dallas 7-91

Although Chris Whitley‘s birth certificate listed Houston Texas as his birthplace, by the time the eclectic modern bluesman’s untimely death in  2005 at age 45, Chris had lived all over the world. Sensing a rare authenticity and smoldering passion upon the release of his major label debut Living With the Law in Summer...
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John Fogerty- Lodi- rehearsal 1997

As I traveled about America, I was always surprised to find just how many towns with the name “Lodi” existed. But there has only ever been one song with that moniker, written and sung by John Fogerty when he led Creedence Clearwater Revival. Here’s John and his band just before embarking on tour...
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Robert Cray-More Than I Can Stand- 1987 Dallas

As Robert Cray tours every week now in support of his forthcoming definitive live album 4 Nights of 40 Years coming at the end of this month, we remind you that Robert will join us In the Studio the first week of September. Here is proof that the Robert Cray Band has been...
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Lindsey Buckingham-Never Going Back Again-Dallas 1992

Lindsey Buckingham made a rare solo appearance in 1992 on my Dallas afternoon radio show when he performed this chestnut from the Fleetwood Mac Rumours sessions. Be sure to listen next week when Lindsey is joined by Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood for the story of the Fleetwood Mac 1975 “white album” on...
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Crowded House-I Got You- America 2012

This song “I Got You” was done in 1980 by New Zealand band Split Enz, who started their career by dressing in such bizarre  garish make-up that it would make KISS look like Mary Kay. Split Enz was led by Tim Finn and younger brother Neil, who went on to Australia and eventually...
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Styx- Come Sail Away- Las Vegas 7-25-14

Honestly I cannot think of a consistently better live band, who has such stunning live audio/ video production, than our buddies Styx, as evidenced here with “Come Sail Away” from their forthcoming CD/ DVD/Blu Ray Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas . –Redbeard...
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James Taylor-Something in the Way She Moves- Dallas 8-93

August 1993-Truly one of the greatest honors I have ever received was to have James Taylor sing a song to me . Like millions of others , I came of age at the time that James debuted on with the stunning "Fire and Rain" in 1970, but this gem from the earliest...
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Bruce Springsteen-Born in the USA-Philadelphia 12-95

After the release of the Ghost of Tom Joad album , which invokes the name of the starving Depression-era Okie in the Grapes of Wrath , Bruce Springsteen did some selected dates without the "E" Street Band . More than a decade after the Republican Party appropriated the chorus from his song...
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