In The Studio Archives: Live


Enjoy these ultra-rare exclusive live performances from Redbeard’s Dallas/Ft.Worth and Memphis afternoon radio shows between 1978-1998 ; live In The Studio performances from 1988-present ; and actual concert broadcasts produced by Redbeard .

Black Crowes- Jealous Again- Houston 2-93

With the press announcement that the Black Crowes have officially flown the coop for good, here is a musical reminder of earlier but no less notorious times, such as when the band got thrown off the 1990 ZZ TOP tour for lead singer Chris Robinson dissing the Texas trio’s corporate beer sponsor. Or...
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Rush-Spirit of Radio-Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984

The guys in Rush are appearing in an In the Studio session the week of January 26 to discuss the importance of the January 1980 release Permanent Waves on its 35th anniversary, so here is one of that album’s key songs,“The Spirit of Radio”, performed on the 1984 Grace Under Pressure Tour. –...
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Charlie Daniels Band-The Devil Went Down to Georgia 1-13-79

Charlie Daniels told me that he had just finished writing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" before he and the Charlie Daniels Band performed it at their annual Volunteer Jam in Nashville on January 13,1979 , making this performance the first ever before a live audience .-Redbeard...
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Todd Rundgren’s Utopia-Only Human-Boston 11-79

The release of the triple-disc live career set For the Lack of Honest Work from Todd Rundgren is a joy for us TR fans , but as comprehensive and era-spanning as it is, there are still some "best of" songs that are not represented . Check out the stunning live chorus vocals here...
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Steve Earle-Days Aren’t Long Enough with Allison Moorer

This is the 21st century replacement for “Auld Lang Syne”, performed live In the Studio in Dallas in 2007 by the former Guitar Town resident and Americana mainstay Steve Earle and his equally talented wife Allison Moorer.- Redbeard “Days Aren’t Long Enough” Another year has come and gone Another circle ’round the sun...
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Fleetwood Mac- Hypnotized Live 12-15-74

After the London-based blues band Fleetwood Mac emigrated to California, they added singer/songwriter / guitarist Bob Welch. Drummer Mick Fleetwood, bass guitarist John McVie , and Mac’s singing/ songwriting/ keyboard playing wife Christine not only had their  passports stamped, Welch provided a highly significant bridge melodically and stylistically between Fleetwood Mac’s uncompromising blues...
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John Mellencamp-Rain on the Scarecrow- Dallas October 1991

He had no way of knowing of course, but when John Mellencamp used his first-hand knowledge of the crippling economic, climate-related, and legislative squeeze play that befell the independent American family farmer in the mid-1980s in the song “Rain on the Scarecrow”, he was writing about my maternal great-grandfather Frank Warford, who lived,...
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Steve Earle with Allison Moorer-City of Immigrants-Dallas 9-07

With the new immigration policy announced by President Barack Obama, the timing seems right to share the song “City of Immigrants” which first appeared on Steve Earle‘s 2007 Washington Square Serenade . Here’s hubby Steve backed by the stunning missus Allison Moorer when they both visited In the Studio in 2007. -Redbeard...
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