Eagles 50th Anniversary- the late Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner- Memorial Day 5-30

It was all right there, right from the debut album The Eagles fifty years ago: America's most popular band was taking wing, and with a most auspicious start with three Top 20 hits right out of the nest, including Jackson Browne's "Take It Easy", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", and the mysterious yet powerful "Witchy Woman". But my guests, the late Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey and former Poco singer/ bass player and original Eagle Randy Meisner, will be the first to admit that there's no sense of history being made when you're playing in a rock'n'roll band. Join us here In the Studio  starting Memorial Day Monday May 30.

Steve Miller- Book of Dreams 45th anniversary 5-23

90% of the songs which appear on "Book of Dreams"  were written at the same time as the ones which surfaced a year earlier on the career-making "Fly Like an Eagle". Steve Miller is my guest here In the Studio with this rare classic rock interview with a chapter-and-verse look at "Jet Airliner","Swingtown","Jungle Love", and "Sacrifice" starting 5/23.

Black Crowes- My Morning Song- Houston 2-6-93

We are so thrilled to be able to share this white-hot performance in Houston of the Black Crowes, newly headlining arenas by 1993 and clearly up for the task, mighty tight and hittin' the note on "My Morning Song". Thankfully, this time no idiot in the crowd pulled the P.A. stack down on top of audience members near the stage wings.
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Heart- Little Queen 45th- Ann & Nancy Wilson

The story of Heart's debut "Dreamboat Annie" remains one of the Cinderella fairy tale chapters in rock history, but the major label follow up released this week in 1977, "Little Queen", was made amidst a legal battle prompted precisely because initial big money, & the potential for more.
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Black Crowes- Southern Harmony…30th Anniversary- Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson

Preparing this thirtieth anniversary interview with Black Crowes co-founders singer Chris Robinson and his younger guitar-playing brother Rich Robinson to mark their second release, "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion", the deja vu was uncanny and not a little bit unsettling. Constantly I had to remind myself that the trends these Atlanta natives were seeing in the mid-1990s, and the predictions they made then, sound eerily like today's headlines. Peering now into their spyglass in reverse, it is both remarkable in its accuracy but, I must admit, troubling in its sense of creeping inevitability.

Black Crowes- Remedy- Oklahoma City 5-10-95

The Black Crowes' finest hour may have been their benefit performance for the shell-shocked innocent citizens of Oklahoma City following the worst terrorist attack in the US April 19,1995.
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Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced?- Mitch Mitchell, John McDermott, Eddie Kramer

Jimi Hendrix mutated rock’s DNA & we have been trying to decode the Hendrix genome for more than half a century ever since "Are You Experienced?" was released in the UK May 1967. Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer the late Mitch Mitchell, Hendrix recording engineer Eddie Kramer, & expert Hendrix biographer/ archive producer John McDermott are my guests In the Studio..

Alice Cooper- School’s Out: Best Of pt 2

When it came exploding out of the dashboard radio in May 1972, "School's Out" by Alice Cooper was louder, brasher, with more swagger than anything we'd ever heard on the Top 40. But with the Woodstock Generation inheriting a world of endless Viet Nam War escalation, Richard Nixon landslide re-election, while astronauts golfed on the moon, "School's Out" ominously was a sobering reality check for millions as well. Alice Cooper is my guest In the Studio on the golden anniversary.

Black Crowes- Southern Harmony…30th Anniversary- Chris & Rich Robinson 5-15

It is the thirtieth anniversary of "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion", whose pages are filled with song including "Sting Me","Remedy","Thorn in My Pride","Hotel Illness","My Morning Song", and "Sometimes Salvation". Never one to pull his punches, the colorful quotable Chris Robinson joins me In the Studio along with guitarist/songwriter Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes on the thirtieth anniversary of Southern Harmony and Musical Companion beginning May 15.

Heart- Little Queen 45th Anniversary- Ann & Nancy Wilson 5-16

After the real life Cinderella story of Heart and their indie debut album "Dreamboat Annie" in 1976, the obvious question on most people's minds was can they equal that remarkable start with a followup? Find out the drama behind "Little Queen"" from my guests lead singer/ lyricist Ann Wilson and guitarist/ singer Nancy Wilson here In the Studio the week of May 16.