Genesis- A Trick of the Tail 45th- Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford

The first album in the post-Peter Gabriel era, Genesis "A Trick of the Tail" 45th anniversary interview In the Studio with Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford.
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Styx- Paradise Theater 40th- Tommy Shaw, James Young

If I told you that forty years ago  one of America's top music acts released a concept album that  identified growing cracks in the foundation of our society and presciently predicted everything we find today, who would you guess it was? Bob Dylan? Neil Young? Crosby Stills and Nash? I doubt that Styx would come to mind to many, but that is precisely what "Paradise Theater"  was, part lament, part warning. Current members Tommy Shaw, JY, & Lawrence Gowan all weigh in as does ex-member Dennis DeYoung on "Paradise Theater" 's fortieth anniversary.

David Bowie- White Light/ White Heat- New York City 1996

this ultra-rare live acoustic performance by David Bowie of the Velvets' "White Light/White Heat" in New York City 1996

John Fogerty- Weeping in the Promised Land

An American patriot, John Fogerty, with a new song and video,"Weeping in the Promised Land".

David Lee Roth- A Little Ain’t Enough 30th Anniversary

David Lee Roth "A Little Ain't Enough" interview In the Studio with Redbeard on its 30th anniversary.
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ZZ Top First Album 50th Anniversary- Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard

In Spring 1972 ZZ Top released the much-improved second album Rio Grande Mud,  the vastly  underrated follow-up to the woolly ZZ Top's First Album  containing "Brown Sugar".  The stronger songwriting and much better production sound of such…

Styx feat. Tommy Shaw- Crystal Ball- 1981 Memphis

Styx singer/songwriter/guitarist Tommy Shaw rolled out of bed and used a borrowed acoustic guitar to sing live on my afternoon show ...1981 acoustic version of his "Crystal Ball" ( with the extra verse not on the Styx version)

Bad Company- Run with the Pack 45th- Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke 2-1

Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke, and Paul Rodgers of Bad Company reunited In the Studio  just for this anniversary interview and tell some heartwarming stories about Run with the Pack  the week of February 1st.

David Bowie- Station to Station 45th Anniversary 1/25

We present the "Thin White Duke" and Station to Station , another musical manifestation of the many personas that were David Bowie in the Seventies. The late superstar joined me In the Studio  to discuss the bridge between his Ziggy Stardust  British, New York Harlem/ Philly soul, LA 1975 period and his next pioneering trilogy of albums in Berlin. You'll hear "Golden Years","Stay", and "TVC15" while David Bowie is my guest in an encore for the forty-fifth anniversary of Station to Station  the week of January 25.

Win New Year DVD Prize Pack

Whenever In the Studio  Sultan of Swag Mark the Shark  starts cleaning out the prize closet, interesting combo prizes always emerge, and 2021 is shaping up to be no different! The first offering includes Eagle Vision DVDs from Ronnie Wood,…