Creedence Clearwater Revival- Green River/Willy & the Poor Boys 55th- John Fogerty 8-5

Barely eight months after releasing Bayou Country in January, Bay Area quartet Creedence Clearwater Revival would offer up Green River in August, with the hat trick Willy & the Poor Boys before year's end. This outpouring of timeless hits…

Phil Collins- Both Sides

Phil Collins has said that "Both Sides" from 1993 was his most personal album to date. Phil Collins is my guest In the Studio.
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Jethro Tull- Stand Up 55th Anniversary- Ian Anderson

"Well the biggest difference was that I was going to have to write all the songs this time," quips Ian Anderson in a bit of understatement when I asked, in this classic rock interview, about the departure of Jethro Tull co-founder Mick Abrahams between their 1968 debut, "This Was", and the much more successful "Stand Up" the following year.

Little Feat- Spanish Moon/Skin It Back- Dallas 11-20-88

It was indeed Little Feat who played a hot show to over 10,000 Q102 blood donors at the Dallas Convention Center Arena in November 1988. Live mix on the medley “Spanish Moon” into “Skin It Back”.

AC/DC- Highway to Hell 45th Anniversary- Angus Young 7-29

By Summer 1979,"Highway to Hell" was AC/DC's fourth studio album released in America, but the Australian-based hard rockers' first to be embraced both here and in the UK. Angus Young and the late AC/DC bandleader, the late Malcolm Young, are here In the Studio on the forty-fifth anniversary of "Highway to Hell" beginning July 29.

Blind Faith 55th Anniversary- Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood 7-22

Both Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton recall those days of creative exploration here In the Studio beginning July 22 for the "Blind Faith" fifty-fifth anniversary.

Jethro Tull- Living in the Past- Philadelphia 1987

"Here's a song we loathed for fifteen years!" winked Jethro Tull singer/songwriter/flautist Ian Anderson when introducing the song "Living in the Past" from the stage. The song is a bit of an orphan, written and recorded in 1969 between their second album, "Stand Up", and the follow-up, "Benefit", but appearing on neither one.
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Kinks- Low Budget 45th Anniversary- Sir Ray Davies

With the pending forty-fifth anniversary of "Low Budget", the Kinks' July 1979 biggest seller in their long storied career, it becomes apparent that The Kinks were the ultimate slacker band. Led by the Poet Laureate of Rock, my guest Sir Ray Davies, it certainly wasn't for lack of creative brilliance, but for a dearth of ambition.
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Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band- Nine Tonight

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band's "Nine Tonight" really does feel like a close approximation of seeing the tireless veteran Detroit singer/songwriter and his band when they were one of America's top live acts. Bob Seger is my terrific guest here In the Studio.

Jethro Tull- Stand Up 55th Anniversary- Ian Anderson 7-15

Ian Anderson may indeed stand up a bit more slowly than he once did in 1969, but his memories of those formative days are keen and his wit sharp on the double-nickel anniversary of Jethro Tull's "Stand Up" next Monday July 8.