HEART- Heart (1985) – Nancy Wilson, Ann Wilson

We have done over five hundred rockumentaries in three decades here In the Studio  with the first-person stories of the greatest albums in rock history, and two of my all-time faves remain the cinderella story beginnings of Heart in 1976 with Dreamboat Annie    and the “comeback” album almost a decade later, Heart  . This hit machine in 1985  reinvented Heart for the MTV Eighties with “If Looks Could Kill”,”What About Love”,”Never”,”These Dreams”, and “Nothing at All”. Wow. Nancy Wilson and singing sistuh Ann Wilson join me here In the Studio for of Heart.

Heart, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers  now in their fifth decade of making music together, this remarkable extended momentum for Heart ‘s career cardio health is possible in part because of the huge popularity of their biggest seller, Heart, which was released in Summer 1985. Ann  Wilson  and  Nancy  Wilson  allow  me  to  take  their  collective  pulse  on  this  effort in this revealing classic rock interview.heart-heart-1985-front-cover-28441

This collection yielded hit after hit including “What About Love?”,”Never”, “Nothing at All”, “If Looks Could Kill”, and Heart’s first #1 ( sung by guitarist Nancy Wilson ) “These Dreams”. ( Spoiler alert: you’ll need a whole box of tissues when you hear Nancy’s and Ann’s story about that song’s dedication ). Also in this in-depth conversation The Sistuhs opine thoughtfully about the vital importance of America’s women in the next US elections; how the flood of women in pop music does not necessarily signal more career control for those same females; and Nancy and Ann Wilson’s gratitude toward their incredibly loyal fans and music industry supporters. This edition of In the Studio is dedicated to the memory of Carol Peters, the wonderful personal manager of  Heart for many years who dedicated herself to doing business with grace and humor. She is missed. – Redbeard