Rare musician interviews by Redbeard not part of the weekly radio series .


Blind Faith 55th Anniversary- Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood for the brief Blind Faith story In the Studio on its 55th anniversary.

Little Feat- Feats Don’t Fail Me Now 50th- Bill Payne, the late Paul Barrere

Little Feat lifers Bill Payne and Paul Barrere sat down with me to talk. Or maybe they should have been lying down on a couch. "I loved him, and I hated him," said a clearly emotional Barrere in this intense conversation, which inevitably begins and ends with the subject of the enigmatic musical genius, Lowell George. This is a no-holds-barred insider's look at the talented but troubled Little Feat co-founder Lowell George and his complicated relationships within the band prior to his death from a drug-induced heart attack in 1979.

Phil Collins- Both Sides

Phil Collins has said that "Both Sides" from 1993 was his most personal album to date. Phil Collins is my guest In the Studio.

Traffic- Far from Home- Steve Winwood, the late Jim Capaldi

In 1994 it was my great honor to host the first new Traffic album in twenty years, "Far from Home" by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi...

John Waite- No Brakes 40th Anniversary

John Waite "No Brakes" interview In the Studio on the 40th anniversary of his #1 "Missing You".

Santana- Supernatural 25th Anniversary- Carlos Santana

Grammy record-holder and Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Carlos Santana shares some revealing, highly personal thoughts about how the June 1999 album "Supernatural", with nine Grammys (the most in history) and over 15 million in sales, changed his dreams about what is possible.

Fathers Day with Rod Stewart

Fathers Day is a big one for Rod Stewart.

Dire Straits- Communique 45th Anniversary- Mark Knopfler

Dire Straits' under-rated second release “Communique” with my interview with Mark Knopfler In the Studio.

Steve Winwood- Junction Seven

Steve Winwood talks about his seventh solo album, "Junction Seven", and how a so-called "solo" album inevitably isn't at some point in the creative process, in my classic rock interview.

Echoes In the Studio- Voices of Fallen Rockers pt 2

In memoriam : the echoes In the Studio of Neil Peart of Rush, Walter Becker of Steely Dan, Ric Ocasek of The Cars, Paul Barrere of Little Feat, plus David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Chris Squire & Alan White of YES, Chris Cornell. Part two.