Billy Idol- Don’t Stop 40th Anniversary

It's the fortieth anniversary of the all-important 1981 "Don't Stop"  EP by Billy Idol. In the last spasms of the London Punk Rock scene circa 1980, Generation X and their front man Billy Broad had the career arc of a bottle rocket, briefly filling English dance floors with the celebratory single "Dancing with Myself"and cover of "Mony Mony". But Punk Rock's purpose of being a disruptive force to reset all the tumblers of popular music was practically fulfilled by then, and had no second act, so Billy Idol needed a new start. Billy Idol is my guest In the Studio.

Pink Floyd- Meddle 50th Anniversary 10-25

October 1971's album "Meddle"  by Pink Floyd  is certainly not the most famous of their Seventies output, but nevertheless it is a formative album for icons "Dark Side of the Moon", "Wish You Were Here", "Animals", and "The Wall, which makes "Meddle"  one of Progressive Rock's most important releases fifty years ago. David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Roger Waters are my guests here In the Studio  for eyewitness accounts from the front lines of rock history the week of October 25.

Fourth Drawer- All pt 2- 1993- Dublin

For demonstration & review only. Part TWO of two. [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="'93/u2-zooropa-93-redbeard-pt2.mp3"…

Fourth Drawer- All pt1- 1993- Dublin

Redbeard interview. Bono far left, Adam left, Edge right, Larry far right. August 25, 1993 in Dublin the day after the "Zooropa" Cork show. For demonstration & review ONLY. Part ONE of two. [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="'93/u2-zooropa-dublin-93-all-pt1.mp3"…

Fourth Drawer- Edge, Adam pt 2-1992- Austin

DE & AC with Redbeard, Austin  April 1992, part two. For review & demonstration Derek Ham, Fourth Drawer Films only. [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="'92/u2-achtung-pt2-edge-adam-redbeard.mp3"…

Fourth Drawer- Edge, Adam pt 1- 1992- Austin TX

Redbeard interview for demonstration and review only. For Derek Ham Fourth Drawer Films only. DE & AC April 8, 1992 in Austin TX. Part ONE of two. [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="'92/u2-achtung-pt1-edge-adam-redbeard-92.mp3"…

Fourth Drawer- Adam- 1987- Ft Worth TX

Redbeard interview with AC  11/23/87. For Derek Ham Fourth Drawer Films demonstration and review ONLY. Interview was conducted beneath the stage pictured here when B.B. King played with them. [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="'87/u2-adam-clayton-87-tour.mp3"…

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes- Better Days 30th

Southside Johnny Lyon visited my Q102/ Dallas radio show to discuss his tenth (!) album "Better Days", as well as the Jukes' 1976 "I Don't Want to Go Home" debut containing the Bruce Springsteen chestnut "The Fever"; 1977's "This Time It's for Real";   the essential 4.5 star "Hearts of Stone"  in 1978; the instant classic "It's Been a Long Time" featuring Johnny with producer/ songwriter/ running buddies  Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen...

J Geils Band- Freeze Frame 40th Anniversary- Peter Wolf 10-18

J Geils Band on 1981's "Freeze Frame" included "Flamethrower","Centerfold","Angel in Blue", and "Freeze Frame", it's just one of America's most potent bands in new shoes. The ever-quotable kinetic J Geils Band lead singer Peter Wolf is my guest for the fortieth anniversary of Freeze Frame  the week of October 18.

Metallica- Fade to Black- San Francisco 9-16-21

Metallica wisely emerged from the pandemic lockdown on live concert performances with a much scaled-down pop up appearance in the 400-capacity San Francisco club The Independent on September 16. Here is "Fade to Black" from that Metallica show.